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Your space,
Your call

Create a virtual space to meet, chat, and
play with your favorite people.

Pull up a chair Facedock

Facedocks are flexible, resizable, rearrangeable frames. Feeling shy? Just shrink your Facedock.

Meet, create & play

Drag in images, discuss documents, or just hang out.

Your vibe, your style

Create and customize a CSS Block. See the space transform, live.

Find the
perfect picture

Search for images with a Search Block, right inside the space. Arrange as many as you want on the canvas.

Join with one click

Enter the meeting right from your browser. No installation or guest sign-in required.

Make it yours, forever

Customize your Space’s name so it’s easy to remember. Set up beforehand or come back later.

Host your friends, co-workers, & family

There's plenty of space for up to 8 people.

Export your space

Export the HTML of your space to keep when you're done. Congrats, you just made a web page!

Join in the fun

People have already made some wonderful spaces. Start your own today.

Ready to make
yourself a space?

Free. Instant space. No sign-up required.

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